WIRC Bulletin focused on GST-Diwali Special edition


WIRC of Institute of Cost Accountants of India had released Diwali Special edition of its monthly publication WIRC Bulletin focused on GST.

It contents articles which covers different aspects of GST.

DOWNLOAD HERE (file size 1.7 mb- PDF)

•  Prepardness Towards GST                                            ….  CMA Ashok B. Nawal

•  GST paves the way for true single market of
US 2 trillion dollar Indian economy                                  ….  CMA. Dr. V. V. L. N. Sastry

•  GST Council: It’s Role & Matters Discussed in
Recent Past Meetings: An Overview                                    ….  CMA (Dr.) Shailendra Saxena

•  Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Law                          ….  CMA Rohit Vora

•  Goods and Services Tax – a One-India perspective       ….  CMA N P Viswanathan

•  Highlights of Draft GST Rules                                             ….  CMA Ashok B. Nawal

•  CMA Tips for GST implementation and
optimization of tax and working capitals.                             …. CMA Rajendra Rathi

•  Demands & Appeal under GST ACT                                 ….  CMA Yogesh Chourasia

•  GST Impact: E-Commerce Sector                                         …. CMA Sawinder Singh Chug

•  GST Impact – Gear up for possible changes                       ….  CMA Vineet Chopra

•  Implications of Goods and Services Tax (GST)
for Indian Textile Sector                                                               ….  CMA (Dr.) S. K. Gupta

•  Returns Under GST                                                                  ….  CMA Arun S. Karnik

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