We support GST Bill, but onus to get it passed is on govt: JD(U)


The party also supported the Congress’ protest against the Modi government

 JD(U) today offered its support to the contentious GST Bill but put the onus of its passage in the ongoing Parliament session on the government, saying it has to make efforts to win over opposition, especially Congress which is protesting on the National Herald issue.

“We are in favour of the GST Bill. We support it,” Bihar JD(U) chief and Rajya Sabha MP Bashistha Narain Singh said.

Asked if the tax reform measure will get Parliament’s nod in this session, which has been marred by protests from Congress, he said it would depend on how the government dealt with the opposition, indicating that his party was in no rush to get the bill passed.

The party, which has stormed back to power in Bihar in an alliance with RJD and Congress, also supported the Congress’ protest against the Modi government over charge of “vendetta politics”.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar agreed with the main opposition, saying there should not be vendetta in politics.

“When Congress is saying something, then it must be well thought-out. I have no details. But when Congress is saying so it must have some meaning, otherwise why the party will say so?” he said here when asked about Congress’ protests over the National Herald case.

“There should not be any vendetta in politics. In democratic system, mandate is given to work for the public. Public mandate is not to harass opposition,” Kumar told reporters outside Parliament.

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