US Says GST Bill Is Very Important For India; Congress Party Says They Will Not Allow GST Bill To Be Passed


Amidst political flip-flops on Goods and Services Tax Bill (GST), which is stuck in Rajya Sabha after being passed in Lok Sabha, US Govt. has endorsed the importance of this bill, and have said that it can induce a new energy of progress and development.

However, at the same day when a Superpower endorses and appreciates GST, main opposition party, Congress, has declared that they will not allow GST to be passed.

USA Govt: India’s GST is of paramount importance

Treasury Under Secretary Nathan Sheets, has declared GST as an important reform, which will help India.

Understanding the issues which Indian businessmen encounters while conducting business across the states, he said that the way Indian states treat their borders like international border is harming the economy of the nation.

As per US Govt.’s stand, GST bill will help to cut red tape, reduce corruption and enable faster, more efficient transportation of goods and services.

He bluntly said, “The deadweight loss that flows from India’s States treating their internal boundaries as though they were international borders is apparent to all. The resulting inefficiencies include slow transit times, unnecessary red tape in tax administration and disruptions in the business climate. We support the government’s ongoing efforts to accomplish this important reform,”

While speaking at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Nathan added that GST will stop corruption, and will help Indian Govt. to increase tax collection.

Congress: GST Bill Will Not Be Passed

Meanwhile, speaking at a public rally, Sonia Gandhi, head of Congress, which is the main opposition party, boldly declared that her party will not allow the passage of GST Bill, and declared it as anti-poor.

While speaking at a rally in Assam, Sonia Gandhi said that a capitalist party, BJP, wants it to pass so that rich industrialists are benefitted.

But she fails to acknowledge the fact that once GST is passed, even the poor can do business without paying draconian taxes, and how new employment would be generated, and why Indian Govt. wants to pass it.

Sometimes, democracy works in a crazy way, as the very definition of it makes progress difficult. And the same thing is being witnessed now, with GST Bill.

In 2011, it was Congress which introduced GST Bill, and opposition, including BJP opposed it. And, when BJP is in power, and with some modifications, wants to pass the bill, Congress is opposing it.

Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley has promised that they will hold further talks with Congress to break the logjam; but going by the looks of it, it seems that GST Bill may take some more time to get passed.


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