Traders protest against Congress for blocking GST Bill passage


Members of various trade unions took to the streets here on Monday against the Congress Party for blocking the passage of the crucial Good and Services Tax (GST) Bill in Parliament.

The traders gathered at Jantar Mantar and marched to the Congress headquarters, where they shouted slogans against the party leadership.


“We are protesting as we want the GST Bill to be passed. We were in support of GST when the Congress was in power. Today, the Congress is playing political game and not letting the GST Bill to be passed. We want Parliamentto function so that the GST Bill is passed, as it will benefit the country and the traders,” said, Vijaypal Singh, a protester.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government wants to introduce a nationwide Goods and Services Tax to create a single market and boost commerce in India’s $2 trillion economy, but the bill, which was passed by the Lower House of Parliament, has been blocked in the Upper House, where the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) Government coalition lacks a majority.


The Congress Party wants to cap the rate of GST at less than 20 percent, scrap a proposed state levy and create an independent mechanism to resolve disputes on revenue sharing between states.


Angry protesters climbed the barricades put up by police outside the Congress office.


“The GST Bill must be passed as soon as possible. I appeal to the Congress and other parties to let Parliament function as the country and traders are suffering because of their personal interests. They should work towards the betterment of citizens of India,” said Pushpa Rajput, another


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