Top 5 Financial Apps for Daily Use


Even the thought of handling finances is enough to scare people. It is not everybody’s cup of tea to manage their money, spend on what they want and still save enough. If you are one of them then you need to get some financial help. Don’t get worried, I am not telling you to get a degree in Finance but just to know enough to help yourself.

Believe me; it isn’t as daunting a task as you might feel it is. Nowadays internet is there to help you learn anything you want to, from cooking to stitching and from science to finance! Access to all this knowledge can be gained on your PCs as well as your smartphones, latter being more convenient. Other than being convenient it is also an affordable option given the fact that phones with latest technology are so reasonably priced. Just buy a phone, access the app store and download whichever app you want to! You will find a lot of apps on your phone that are easy to use and well updated. Using such apps in your day to day life can increase your financial awareness manifold.

To assist you a bit, let me list down 5 of the top financial apps for daily use:

– Money Control: The website which is the base for this app has been up and running since 1999 providing financial and business information related to Indian and Global market. It provides latest information at critical times thus proving to be India’s no. 1 website for all financial things. The speed of the website to provide information has further increased due to the presence of the mobile apps that are more accessible.

– GST Calculator: India has recently been introduced to a new taxation system in the form of Goods and Services Tax (GST). GST Calculator is an app that helps you in knowing about the GST applied or applicable to a particular cost figure.

– Investopedia: This app is primarily focused on providing financial education to the masses. It not only provides knowledge but does so in the form of an investment dictionary and even tutorials.

– XE Currency: This app provides the live currency exchange rates. It helps in analyzing the movements in the global financial scenario and hence creating your own understanding of the same.

– Mint: For learning about finance you also need to manage your own first. Mint is one of the best apps for managing your budget. All your bank and card accounts can be simultaneously connected in this app thus providing ease. It will also assure timely payment of bills by reminding you about the same.

In today’s technological time, apps are a great way to constantly stay updated and in touch with the real world.Other than these apps there are many more apps that can be helpful for you like CompareRaja which helps you compare specs and prices of top gadgets across all online stores. All you need to do is search for the appropriate app and be rest assured.

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