Plea for ratification of GST Bill


BJP MP Chandan Mitra hopes it will be taken up in budget session

Cong developed cold feet on the Bill, says BJP MP

The imposition of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) will lead to the development of a pan-India market (for goods) and is likely to push up the country’s GDP by “at least 1 per cent” every year, Chandan Mitra, BJP MP and Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Commerce, said here on Wednesday.

According to Mitra, the passage of the GST Bill was stalled primarily due the opposition from the Congress.

“The Congress suddenly developed cold feet and went back on the GST. They are demanding a cap on the maximum (tax) rate that can be charged and want it to be included in the Constitution. This is unprecedented,” he said during an interactive session of the MCC Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

So far, Mitra claimed, the government has not acceded to the Congress’s demand.

Senior BJP leaders are in discussions with those of the Congress to ensure the Bill’s passage.

If the talks come through, the Budget session might be advanced, he added. “The passage of the GST completely depends on 10 Janpath. Hopefully, it will be passed in the upcoming Budget session,” Mitra said.


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