Planning a party? Ensure permits, payment of GST


NOIDA: The district administration on Wednesday said that anyone planning to organise parties for Christmas or New Year in hotels, pubs, restaurants, clubs and other public places has to get required permits and submit details of GST prior to holding such functions.

“The goods and services tax has to be submitted by organisers of all parties which are ticketed or based on passes for Christmas and New Year. The GST details for such parties has to be submitted prior to holding the programme on December 25 and 31 in the district,” said Keshav Kumar, additional district magistrate (finance and revenue). However, the administration has so far not received any notice/intimation on ticketed event in the district.

Kumar further stated that under Section 4(a) of the Uttar Pradesh Movie Act, 2017, permission to hold parties and entertainment programmes for Christmas and New Year are mandatory to be procured from the district magistrate.

Calling on the owners/operators/managers of entertainment programmes to be performed at all hotels, pubs, restaurants, clubs and other places in the district to ensure the needful, Kumar added that necessary permissions from fire, electrical and police department have also to be sought before holding such events.

“These are routine permissions from concerned departments with respect to power availability, fire precautions, law and order clearance in case of any VIP movement etc.,” said Kumar.

City magistrate Shailendra Kumar Mishra said that Supreme Court guidelines on noise decibels as well as time deadline are also mandatory to be followed for the ensuing festivities. “No DJ/ loudspeaker music will be allowed after 10pm. Also, sound for any music played has to remain under 90 decibel as per SC order,” said Mishra.

Even as Section 144 continues in the district prohibiting assembly of more than four persons in public places (with the exception of party places where permit is granted) district magistrate BN Singh added that no cracker bursting will be allowed as no licences are issued to that effect.

“Since there are no green crackers in the district, no licences have been issued. Hence, cracker bursting is not allowed for the coming celebrations,” said Singh.

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