PHD Chamber appeals to pol parties to allow GST Bill passage


PHD Chamber today appealed to all political parties, including the Congress, to allow smooth passage in the Rajya Sabha of the Constitutional Amendment Bill to roll out the GST, saying delay in implementation of the indirect tax reform will “jeopardize” the economy.

“Its further halt in the Upper House will jeopardize theIndian economy and its sensitivities as a whole in general and a dream of India for a unified taxation system in particular.

“The GST will benefit the entire federal structure of India and consistent opposition to it would lead it nowhere,” PHD Chamber of Commerce President Alok B Shriram stated.

According to him, the government of the day is putting in all possible efforts for the smooth passage of the Bill that was originally drafted by the UPA government and “persistent opposition to it makes little sense”.

Government’s attempts to push through the GST Bill in Rajya Sabha were today stalled by theCongress disrupting the House, inviting angry reaction from Finance Minister Arun Jaitley who targeted Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, saying they were not able to digest election defeat.


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