Overview of GST in Real Estate Sector


Courtesy : CA SUMIT DAS

The real estate sector is one of the major and fast developing sectors of a country’s economy. With modernization and westernization having an impact in the people’s mind, the lifestyle and priorities of people over the years have changedthe approach of doing
things. This shift of focus has significantly contributed to the connotation of urbanization which has subsequently assisted in the growth of real estate sector. Further, rising income level and large population base have also given a major boost to this sector.


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  1. Manish Sharma says:

    I have a query. I am looking for purchasing a flat in Kolkata. During discussion with one of the Builder( DTC Southern Heights), I was told that effective GST Percent on Flat Cost is 5% after ITC Rebate but for Car Parking and other charges, I have to pay GST @ 12%. I need clarity on the matter. Please help

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