Modi’s regret: I wish we could have passed the GST Bill in Parliament


“I wish the GST had passed during your tenure in Rajya Sabha as it would have immensely benefited people of the states you represent,” Modi said in the Upper House.

 PM Modi regretted Parliament’s inability to pass the GST Bill. Speaking at the farewell ceremony of retiring Rajya Sabha MPs, the PM made a pitch for the legislation that has been hanging for several years.Modi sought to reach out to the regional parties saying that GST Bill will help the states. “I wish we could have passed the GST in parliament,” PM said. His sentiments were echoed by the Congress as well. Deputy leader of the party Anand Sharma said it is possible to pass the bill through a consensus. “The onus to build a consensus lies with the Government. The PM must take the initiative in this regard,” he said.

The GST has been stuck in the Parliament for several years. The UPA initiated the process but was unable to get it passed on account of the opposition from the BJP, which was in the opposition then. Ironically both the national parties have changed their position on the issue. The Congress has now set three conditions for the passage of the bill.

The GST is a constitution amendment bill hence needs to be passed by the two-third majority of both houses. In the Rajya sabha the BJP and the NDA are in aminority. The bill can only be passed with the cooperation of the Congress party. It remains to be seen whether the sentiiments expressed by both parties will pave the way for the passage of this crucial legislation.


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