Modi vows to cut corp tax, roll out GST, shun retro taxation



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  1. Sanjeev Jain says:

    Dear Sir , How Serious is Govt of India (Honourable PM Mr Modi Govt – Modi Sarkar) about implementing GST ? still Await the reply on last Email ? If likely to reform 3 types of GST Like CGST (Central GST), SGST (State) & IGST (Inter state GST) How it would Set off with each other ? & How will India become Seamless Business Network Domestically with so many GST ? how will India become business friendly. How many Dept & local bodies one has to satisfy. Which also adds Cost to the Business, Organisation & Govt too. if Dual Triple GST is introduce how it is becoming Single Indirect Tax structure ? How GST purpose getting meet ? Without this Transparency how will Make in India succeed ? Why it can’t be All india Single GST for which information Technology make a structure of Goods & Services Tax automatically share of Tax Collected goes to State & centre as per the Ratio Agreed ? By filing Single Monthly / Quarterly returns as per the Tax Slab ? Govt will also have full scope to widen the Tax , Example Such as Govt Public Services Indian Railway should also collect 1 % for General Sleeper 3 Tier Class & 2% for Tier ii & First class imagine how much Indirect Tax will get collected ? Same way Taxis , Buses , Metro , Park , food Restaurant , on Highway Tolls, Airlines again Diff 1% on Economy & 2% on Business class. Even 1 % to Auto Rickshaws if govt decides to collect 1 % on basic services & 2 % on higher class services imagine how much Tax in india would collect in that case money will flow in like any thing & RBI will have surplus money to lend the money at 6 to 9% P.A. to the consumers to grow there business with reduce Interest Burden? & inflation & cost would come down automatically. Think Simple Think Big.

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