15 Replies to “Model of GST Law 2016”

  1. ankesh sethi says:

    i am happy that GST has been approved in India and waiting to start working with new laws.

  2. Tailor Vishal says:

    i m happy that GST has been approved in India,,,

  3. jitendra patidar says:

    ver good gst bill on india

  4. vimal says:

    I am very happy with gst in india its so simple.

  5. prabir dash says:

    Good governance

  6. KIRAN PATIL says:


  7. kushal Thacker says:

    Let’s gst come soon in india so that it will be very convenient for every business organisations to do business and purchase goods within any where from India in a single rate of tax.

  8. Nikhil Huddar says:

    I am very happy with GST. It’s a new and easy taxation policy in India. Every transaction would be easier for stakeholders & chartered.
    Waiting for Loksabha to pass GST in India.

  9. amar jain says:

    what will effect if any one registred in excise , service tax , sales tax how he will assess. and where will assesss.

    1. Admin says:

      A single registration is expected for all former laws and the assessment will be done by the existing law department, where one will have to address only one designated officer. That’s why I feel. You should be able to search enough downloadable material to answer your query precisely. Am very happy that you have asked one of the basic questions to be answered at large. Keep visiting , Thanks!

  10. Ankit says:

    how will a sale transaction be traced where no invoice is issued from first point of sale to last point of sale.

  11. Vipul Vachhani says:

    I am Happy that GST is applicable to rest of India. what is the Perfect Tax Structure of GST in Simple format that all should undertand it easily. please reply us.

  12. rajesh sarvaiya says:

    good luck gst in india…… i am very happy to came and apply GST in india

  13. kapil Chauhan says:

    Thanks for PM Modi And Team For BJP & Coming To GST in India

  14. somayajulu says:

    would like to know how to register. we need to download software and then to register.
    someone may pl guide me

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