JD (U), TMC in parliament – want opposition unity but GST too


Parliament house in New Delhi on July 24th 2015. Express photo by Ravi Kanojia.

Parties also plan to corner the government on what it has done with ministers like V K Singh and Mahesh Sharma

Smaller parties like Trinamool Congress and JD(U) have made it clear that they want Parliament to function and discussions to take place.
Both parties are also in favour of the crucial GST Bill in principle albeit with their own rejoinders.

However, with the Congress and the Left raring to raise intolerance in a big way – the main opposition party plans to demand resignations of ministers who had given hate speeches in much the same way they had disrupted the monsoon session demanding ministers resignation on corruption – that is an issue that none of the parties can ignore.

Source: http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/jd-u-tmc-in-parliament-want-opposition-unity-but-gst-too/

The JD(U) just won a big assembly election victory banking in part on a huge polarisation of Muslim votes and the Trinamool faces one next year in a state where almost a third of the voters are Muslims.

Both parties will therefore insist on consensus before the crucial Constitution amendment Bill is passed for GST. Much like during the monsoon session, if Congress does disrupt proceedings in both houses, the two parties would stand in solidarity but mostly refrain from rushing to the well; and urge the presiding officer to get the House in order.

The NDA government may have made big plans for Constitution Day being observed with a two day discussion but that discussion is unlikely to be without blushes for them. All opposition parties have resolved to raise intolerance as hate speeches are antithetical to the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution.

Parties also plan to corner the government on what it has done with ministers like V K Singh and Mahesh Sharma who have made offensive speeches spewing hatred for sections of society

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