Investment versus Inflation : The Game Begins NOW!


As we step out of the home, we do have a habit to check the balance we have in our wallet. But do we check how our investments are portrayed. Are they efficient enough to take care of our future needs or safe enough to attain our long term goals !!.

Not so long ago, there lived an investment called “Fixed Deposits” . Now this so called safe investment earns us an interest at the same rate of close to a dormant savings account does, that’s it!. The benchmark of return on investment on F.D. is around 7% which is also subject to Income-Tax. Isn’t that said safe interest at a risk when u compare the net returns with inflation in our country!.

There is a famous saying “No risk – no returns”. Why not say the least risk and maximum returns. There is an enormous scope to invest and earn higher returns from mutual fund investment, where your money gets parked by the best in class fund managers. Also one does not have to worry about the timing to enter and exit the equity or debt market.

For eg, Reliance Mutual Fund from Reliance Capital is one of those funds that has been on the forefront to safeguard investor confidence into the equity and debt investment market. Taking initiatives like “ Mutual Fund Day “ – (MFD) that is celebrated on the 7th of every month.  The main intention of this initiative is to, spread the knowledge about mutual fund investments to laymen on how a rupee saved now can sow you rich benefits by the power of compounding and much more.

They also bring along more values about the mutual fund industry by managing some of the best AUM’s (Assets Under Management ) by taking care of SIP, Mutual funds , Liquid funds , ETF’s and many more. Some of their plans are broadly accepted and trusted by E.P.F.O. (Employees’ Provident Fund Organization), which itself is an achievement.

The best part is that you do not have to wait for an amount to build up in your savings account and then make a considerable amount of investment, as one does in the case of fixed deposit. One can start investing in mutual funds with as low as Rs.1000 /-. Also if one invests for a longer period of time you can avail income tax benefits under section 80 C of the Income tax ACT.

Probably not many know the power of compounding in mutual funds. The door of mutual funds opens an opportunity for every single person who wants to save and earn handsome returns.

So why not start your day with a sensible savings commitment and work to make your long term future secure. It is also honorary to make your friends aware by telling the benefits of Fund For a Friend (FFAF) as the risk in mutual fund might be the least, if you are invested for a longer period of time.

The tag line of RMF – Relaince Mutual Fund is – “Har mahine ki tarikh saat, Kijiye Mutual Fund ke aadat ki shuruat! “

Every tree was a sapling before it outgrows. It needs to be consistently nurtured and taken care of before it starts prospering on its on. So start saving steadily in Reliance Mutual Fund and earn higher returns  over a period of time.

Thanks for Reading !

* P.S.: Investments in Mutual Fund are subject to market risk.

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