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  1. Tarun Singh says:

    I am a regular registered person in Uttar Pradesh.I purchased some goods (in the month of October) from Haryana.The supplier charged IGST and supplied the goods,on the arrival of goods I paid INR 2500 to the transport agency.
    My question is will I be liable to pay reverse charge on INR 2500?If yes then at what % should I have to deposit that?

  2. S P Singh says:

    I am retired person and giving my services and getting rs.50000/- month.
    Whether I have to register for GST

    1. srikanth says:

      no not needed

    2. Kumar Mudalgi says:

      No need to register urself sir, since the maximum ceiling limit for registration under GST Regime is Rs. 20 Lacs.

  3. Anonymous says:

    no, you come under exemption limit of 20 lakh .

  4. N.Balakrishnan nair says:


  5. archna mishra says:

    we require some clarity on non IATA agents who buy their air tickets/hotels/car services from other agents….
    1. we pay gst 18% to the agent on his commission and k3 gst taxes(5% for economy and 12% for business class) charged on the basic fare.
    2.with a new gstin what do we do exactly. do we charge 18% on our service fee to our customer??do we get any refund from the agent for the same??
    3. its very confusing. can you help???

    1. Anonymous says:

      U ll charge GST for Ur service part only and get input for GST paid on commission to Ur agents. Airline ll charge GST on its services itselfs.

  6. malay kumar says:

    I am a electronic mechanic ( repairs AC , COOLER, FRIDGE, WASHING MACHINE etc.) my monthly income is rupees25000/- monthly. Should I pay GST or register to it ? kindly replay.

  7. Sushil says:

    I want to start a support work for the coaching classes. It is a paid work. Do I have to register for G.S.T.? Kindly guide me the steps to be taken before I start this work.
    Please reply. Thank you.

  8. Mike Appadoo says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are a company based in Singapore specialising on Economics Analysis publications which we sell to customers through a subscription channel.
    If I bill an organisation $3000 for the service, will I have to account for GST in India. Does it mean we have to account 15% as GST and then claim it back under the reverse charge? Do I have to do a GST return as well.

    Many thanks

  9. Piyush says:

    Hi. We are non Iata travel agents. We take tickets from other iata or airlines and then sell to our client. Our service fee income over the ticket price charged by airline is under 20 lakhs. Do we need to register under gst as per sectio. 24(vii) or this is not applicable as we are non iata

  10. Mallegowda says:

    Hi all,
    We are from Bangalore having a service providing company provides DTH services and have an annual turnover of nearly 50 lacs.

    Our parent company is paying us GST of 18% that is included in the invoice every month.

    which slab of GST we comes under with turnover of 50 lacs? and is there any tax benefit for service providers?

  11. BASHIR DHONDIBA [email protected] says:

    Insurance surveyor shall comes under service provider.
    Surveyor means person comes under IRDAI,and insurance companies under GIC utilised services on professional fee basis.

  12. JACOB GEORGE says:

    I wanted to start a real estate agent.should I charge18% GST on each commission taken now ? can I ask refund of all GST if my turnover deos not exceed 20L ?please reply

    1. Admin says:

      Hello. As a real estate agent, you need to achieve your gross receipts ( Including commission plus any other service income ) to be above 20 lacs to get your self registered in GST. You can not charge GST unless you have a GSTIN number. Refund is not possible in your scenario. GST is a consumption based tax, therefore whatever GST collected goes to the revenue department. Only special cases apply for GST refund like export or some government related services.

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