11 Replies to “Hand Book on GST for Service Providers”

  1. Tarun Singh says:

    I am a regular registered person in Uttar Pradesh.I purchased some goods (in the month of October) from Haryana.The supplier charged IGST and supplied the goods,on the arrival of goods I paid INR 2500 to the transport agency.
    My question is will I be liable to pay reverse charge on INR 2500?If yes then at what % should I have to deposit that?

  2. S P Singh says:

    I am retired person and giving my services and getting rs.50000/- month.
    Whether I have to register for GST

    1. srikanth says:

      no not needed

    2. Kumar Mudalgi says:

      No need to register urself sir, since the maximum ceiling limit for registration under GST Regime is Rs. 20 Lacs.

  3. Anonymous says:

    no, you come under exemption limit of 20 lakh .

  4. N.Balakrishnan nair says:


  5. archna mishra says:

    we require some clarity on non IATA agents who buy their air tickets/hotels/car services from other agents….
    1. we pay gst 18% to the agent on his commission and k3 gst taxes(5% for economy and 12% for business class) charged on the basic fare.
    2.with a new gstin what do we do exactly. do we charge 18% on our service fee to our customer??do we get any refund from the agent for the same??
    3. its very confusing. can you help???

    1. Anonymous says:

      U ll charge GST for Ur service part only and get input for GST paid on commission to Ur agents. Airline ll charge GST on its services itselfs.

  6. malay kumar says:

    I am a electronic mechanic ( repairs AC , COOLER, FRIDGE, WASHING MACHINE etc.) my monthly income is rupees25000/- monthly. Should I pay GST or register to it ? kindly replay.

  7. Sushil says:

    I want to start a support work for the coaching classes. It is a paid work. Do I have to register for G.S.T.? Kindly guide me the steps to be taken before I start this work.
    Please reply. Thank you.

  8. Mike Appadoo says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are a company based in Singapore specialising on Economics Analysis publications which we sell to customers through a subscription channel.
    If I bill an organisation $3000 for the service, will I have to account for GST in India. Does it mean we have to account 15% as GST and then claim it back under the reverse charge? Do I have to do a GST return as well.

    Many thanks

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