GST to be renamed Rajiv Maal aur Seva Lagaan


The Parliament has been working without too much interruptions. This has not only resulted in dramatic speeches by the Government and opposition, but produced the rare spectacle of PM Modi making speeches in consecutive weeks in India, and not in an election campaign.

At the same time, there seems to be agreement between the parties to allow passage of bills after discussions. However, the GST Tax is stuck. The Government has tried asking the Congress party “ It is your own bill, why don’t you pass it”. They have even asked Congress, “ Pass the bill and take credit”.

However, investigations revealed that the BJP Government, while having the odd Atal or Deen Dayal scheme, has been not giving names of famous people to schemes. It seems to be just prefixing “ Prime Minister” to most schemes.

This is counter to the Congress strategy of using the names of Nehru-Gandhi family members for important Government schemes.

Jawahar Rozgar Yojana
Indira Vikas Patra
Rajiv Khel Ratna etc.

show the spectrum across which programs were named. None of that has happened in the past year. Understanding their discomfort, as a last concession BJP has agreed to revert to that nomenclature, starting with GST. In addition keeping up with e-commerce they have also agreed to name any 3 schemes after the Nehru-Gandhi family. It could be that

Adhaar card will be henceforth called as Jawahar Adhaar
Smart cities program will be again called JNNURM
Jan Dhan will be called Indira Jan Dhan.

The Government has also agreed that instead of crowd sourcing names and ending up with long Sanskrit phrases that translate badly into other langugages, 40% of names to be henceforth set aside for Nehru-Gandhi family names. We might even see a money bill to facilitate the same.

As a sweetener, all rollbacks like the EPF one, will be officially referred to as Rahul Gandhi rollbacks.

With this, it is expected that the GST will be rolled out in 2017


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