GST red-flagged by RSS so BJP doesn’t want it passed and is shifting blame: Congress

Congress accuses BJP govt of shifting blame on it for non-passage of GST Bill.

Congress on Thursday alleged that the government was “shifting blame” on it for non passage of key reform measure Goods and Services Tax bill in Parliament when actually the RSS has “red flagged” it.

“We have always supported reforms that are pro-people. Congress party brought the GST, we continue to be advocatory and supporters of GST.”

“GST has been red-flagged by RSS. That is why BJP does not want GST to be passed and is only shifting blame,” party’s chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala told reporters.

He said a simple solution of a cap of 18% has to be arrived at so that people are not over-burdened with taxation and a dispute resolution mechanism has to be arrived at and GST will be supported by the Congress.

He was asked a question whether it will be possible for the government to get the GST Bill passed in the present changed scenario.

Earlier in the day, TMC chief Mamata Banerjee said her party will support GST.

“We have ideological differences with BJP but we will always support on issues that are beneficial to the people. We will support GST,” she told reporters after leading TMC to a two-thirds majority in West Bengal.


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