GST bill not in the best interests of people: Scindia


Senior Congress leader and MP from Guna, Jyotiraditya Scindia said ion Friday that the Congress would extend its cooperation to the Central government towards the passage of the GST bill, provided the government conceded to the Congress’ demands which had been raised in the interest of common people.

Addressing the media, Scindia accused the BJP of intending to deceive the people in the name of helping the economy and added that in its present form, the GST bill was not in the best interests of people. If the bill was passed in its current form, there would be no answerability on anyone and the common man would also be overburdened with taxes, he said. The Congress would ensure that people did not get overburdened, he added.

He explained his reservations regarding the bill and said that the rate of taxes for goods should be fixed as there was no room for frequent changes in the tax structure. At the same time, goods manufactured in a state should not be subjected to taxes in every state it passed. A regulatory commission should look into the issue of inter-state controversies, he added.

The leader also expressed concern over the BJP’s role in the ‘polarisation of society’ and the suicide of a Dalit student in Hyderabad.

Scindia extended his support to the people’s agitation in Guna for the construction of a modern sports stadium and added that he had repeatedly written to chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan in this regard but had received no reply. For the want of government sanction, the cost of the stadium had gone up to 150% its original cost, he rued.


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