Flipkart is getting GST ready. Here’s how


Flipkart wants to be fully prepared when the ambitious Goods and Services Tax (GST) gets rolled out and is handholding its sellers too in this regard.

It has roped in many agencies to educate its sellers on new tax systems and other aspects of calculation post GST.

Under its GST Genie programme for sellers, Flipkart wants its sellers to meet chartered accountants and tax experts and figure out GST-related services.

“The partners for this platform are figuring out issues around filing taxes and solve it with the sellers. As of now the services are free. We have been planning meticulously over the last few months to be GST-ready by the earlier deadline of April 1.We will provide our sellers technology solutions for ease of compliance,” Anil Goteti, vice president and head of marketplace at Flipkart, told ET.

The programme will include giving training and webinars as well as videos to the sellers who can access these or ask their finance teams to undergo training for ease of compliance. The overall taxation on different product categories will vary depending on the GST rates fixed by the GST Council .

“We are encouraging our merchants to get their businesses registered for GST. As a seller has multiple product categories listed with us, they have to find a harmonised system number to match the description on the government side and deciding on the tax structure accordingly. We will give them tools on doing this seamlessly and help them on customer invoicing as well,” said Goteti.

Source: http://www.businessinsider.in/flipkart-is-getting-gst-ready-heres-how/articleshow/57034770.cms

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