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  1. PAWAN LAKRA says:


  2. Urvashi says:

    In case supplier of goods is transporting goods at a destination and after goods reaches there the authorized person meets distributors and then amount of sale is decided. How can he prepare the eway bill.

  3. SHANKAR G says:

    Hello Experts
    Please clarify my query Regarding Export & Import E-Way Bill

    what is the Consignee name , GSTIN Number and Destination Address has to mention for Export E-Way Bills as well as Import Goods from Port to Premises of Business
    Hence We will move goods upto Port and from There goods will be shipped to Party.

  4. Ashish Tyagi says:

    Dear Sir,

    Namaksar !!

    I have a below query for which I seek your valued guidance and help.

    We are an importer of various raw material for our final products. We wish to know as below:

    A. While issuing the eWAY bill for imported goods, what value of goods we have to be entered for generating eway bill. Either it will be assessable value + custom duty + social welfare surcharge + IGST duty etc. printed on bill of entry.
    B. OR, we have to use the value which would be assessable value (from bill of entry) + total duty available on ICEGATE i.e duty amount (custom duty + social welfare surcharge + IGST duty) + fine amount + interest amount.

    Kindly suggest either we have to pick above option A or B.

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