E-way bill portal undergone validation changes


E-way bill portal has undergone certain validation changes aimed at enhancing user experience in the online generation of e-way bill (EWB-01).

Henceforth, users are not required to enter the state of ‘Bill to’ and ‘Bill from’ manually.

It will be auto-populated based on the PIN code.

Based on the Harmonised System Nomenclature (HSN) code entered, users can now select the tax rates. This will populate values for GST and SGST, or IGST and CESS, automatically.

Where an e-way bill is compulsory required and the supplier tries to generate and the supplier tries to generate ‘Part-A Slip’, they must now mandatorily enter the transporter ID to assign a transporter, where the vehicles details are unavailable.

An e-way bill can be generated by the taxpayer only after entering the Part-B, as per the new rule.

If the total invoice value of EWB exceeds Rs.10crore then the user generating e-way bill will receive an SMS alert.

Source : https://knnindia.co.in/news/newsdetails/sectors/e-way-bill-portal-undergone-validation-changes

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