Consensus on GST taking shape: pro-RSS journal


After the latest round of Rajya Sabha elections, a consensus building on GST is taking shape and Chief Ministers of West Bengal and Tamil Nadu are in a mood to extend issue-based support to the Centre, a pro-RSSjournal today said.

In its editorial “The Game Changer”, the ‘Organiser’ also expressed optimism that “the recently held Rajya Sabha elections can bring a new dawn of policy initiatives for a prosperous, powerful and progressive India”.

Detailing the consequences of the RS polls, it said with the numbers gap between between BJP and Congressnarrowing, the latter’s ability to ‘monopolise’ the agenda in the Upper House has been reduced.

“Though the recent Rajya Sabha election result is not going to change the number dramatically, it is certainly going to give a tactical edge to the NDA. The gap between two major parties, BJP and the Congress has come down to 3…

“As a coalition, for the first time NDA has overcome the tally of UPA with 74 members, again an advantage of 3 members. With nominated members this tally is higher. This has reduced the Congress’ ability to monopolise the agenda. The next round of elections in July will further isolate the Congress in Parliament,” the journal said.

“These changing dynamics clearly show why these Rajya Sabha elections were most discussed…These elections, along with next round in July, can be a game changer for the national political calculus in three ways,” it said.

It said, “Though ‘federalism’ constitutes the basic structure of Constitution of India, as cautioned by Ambedkar, it cannot be used to create hurdles of ‘rigidity’ and ‘legalism’.”

The write up said ruling dispensations have rarely had a majority in Rajya Sabha since the 1990s.

Accusing the Congress of using the RS for “obstruction” on account of its numbers there, the article says,”For last two years, the decimated Congress in Lok Sabha, used Rajya Sabha numbers as a tool of obstructionist politics.
The journal said, “It (Congress) went to the extent of

forcing the government to accept an amendment in the motion of thanks to the President’s address to the joint session of Parliament, which is a rarity in parliamentary politics.”

The pro-RSS journal said with non-BJP and non-Congress parties having 90 members in the Upper House now the BJP will benefit.

“These parties do not have a consolidated agenda as they have their state-specific preferences. So regional leaders like Mulayam Singh, Mamata Banerjee, Naveen Patnaik etc are unlikely take obstructionist stand on each and every issue.

“In fact, there may be realignment in favour NDA where leaders like Jayalalithaa will extend support on most of the issues if the specific state’s concerns are addressed,” it said, arguing that the RS results will “benefit the BJP and isolate the Congress”.

Noting that the government is willing to transmit more economic powers to states to carry out development, it said these regional parties would cooperate with government on national issues. “This may introduce us to the new phase of cooperative federalism,” it said.

With this government assuming power while riding on high expectations after a period of policy paralysis, there are many positive indicators on the front of fiscal consolidation and consistent growth rate, it said.

“The time is to deliver fruits of those macro indicators on the ground. This government will be in better position to carry forward the agenda of inclusive growth and transparent governance with comfortable position in Rajya Sabha,” it said.


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