Consensus within GST council only way to bring petroleum under GST purview, says Pradhan


BENGALURU: Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan on Friday said consensus within the GST Council was the only way to bring petroleum products under GST purview and efforts are on in this regard.

“If any commodity has to come under the GST regime, it has to be discussed and there must be consensus within the GST council, that’s the mechanism. So there is no question of executive order,” he told reporters here.

Speaking after inaugurating Shell’s technology centre, he said “as on today petrol, diesel, gas, all these are not under the purview of GST (Goods and Services Tax). As an industry, we are pursuing, we are putting our point of view in front of GST council to bring all these commodities under the purview of GST.”

The historic GST regime has come a step closer to meet its July 1 target of rollout, with the Lok Sabha approving four supplementary legislations on March 29.

The GST Council comprises Finance Ministers of Union and states.

Stressing on the importance of consensus within the GST council, Pradhan said he is hopeful that things will “improve” gradually.

 “Rightly, states have some apprehensions whether they will lose their resource or something else. I think they will understand that in a country like India \, one tax for the whole country is beneficial.”
The Minister also said that India is going to become the energy base of the world, with Bengaluru as its epicentre.
He said “with the kind of market we have, we are hundred per cent concentrating on our domestic innovation.”

2 Replies to “Consensus within GST council only way to bring petroleum under GST purview, says Pradhan”

  1. calm says:

    States will be affected as much as the restriction on bars .
    Regarding the latter, let the bars be but nit the cars else cars will be reduced to bars .
    Similarly for gas stations .Its ultimately the citizen who suffers .Restrictions and not regulations merely spreads the problem to areas which were peaceful till now.

  2. Surendrachandralekh Surendrachandralekh says:

    patrol pump dilearship

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