Congress will support GST Bill, only if govt accepts 3 conditions: Shakeel Ahmad

He also pointed out that when GST was started by the Congress.

Congress leader Shakeel Ahmad said on Tuesday that the Goods and Services Tax Bill (GST) will be supported, if the Government accepted three of its conditions.

Shakeel Ahmed said that the Congresshad put forward three demands: tax cap shouldn’t be more than 18% tax, extra 1% levy shouldn’t be there and there should be a mechanism for redressal.

He pointed out that when GST was started by the Congress, Narendra Modi andArun Jaitley had opposed it but they think it’s good for India today. “We will still approve of it if the changes are made,” he added.

The Government is expected to convene a special session of Parliament to pass the Goods and Services Tax (GST) bill – a constitutional amendment – only after a consensus is arrived at among all political parties, including the Congress and the Left.



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