Congress not opposing GST, says Ghulam Nabi Azad


The Congress Party on Monday said that the Goods and Services Tax Bill (GST) bill would have been passed last year itself if the amendments given by the grand old party were approved by the government.

“We are not opposing GST, the bill would have been passed last year itself if the amendments given by us were approved. When we were in Centre we made the GST bill. That time the opposition has some objections. We had looked after that matter then, now after 3, 4 years we have mentioned one two amendment. What is the problem in improving that,” said Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad to ANI here.

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had earlier showed positive signs in connection with the passage of pending Goods and Services Tax Bill (GST) and said every political party, including the Congress, favours the bill.

Addressing a press conference here, Jaitley said that he is reasonably confident that the BJP will be able to pass the GST bill, as all parties, national and regional, are in favour of having an indirect tax law.

“Every political party, including the Congress favours GST. The Congress party should have had the vision to support it more aggressively because they could claim the original authorship of the idea,” said Jaitley.

“If you actually do a number count about all those who are supporting the GST and every regional party has a strong interest in passage of the GST, because the state where it is going to have an impact, it will help those states. All UPA partners are making urges for GST. I am reasonably confident as when it comes to the crunch. It’s extremely difficult for even the Congress party to take a contrary step,” he added.

On Saturday Jaitley said that the government might seek voting on GST Constitution amendment bill in Rajya Sabha during the monsoon session of parliament in case Congress continues to oppose it.
The GST bill, which has been cleared by the Lok Sabha, is lying in the Rajya Sabha because of stiff resistance by Congress.

Government has been insisting that most of the parties, except Congress, are in favour of GST, which will bring about a uniform indirect taxation regime in the country.


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