Congress MPs pressure top brass on GST Bill


Congress MPs are mounting pressure on the party high command to not back the Goods and Services Tax Bill while sources in the AIADMK said their party has been consistent in opposing the Constitution amendment bill.

While the Congress’ stated position has been in favour of the GST Bill, it is opposing the legislation by raising certain concerns. The party’s three members in the Rajya Sabha Select Committee on Goods and Services Tax — Madhusudan Mistry, Mani Shankar Aiyar and Bhalchandra Mungekar — have given a dissent note saying the Constitution amendment bill is pitted with compromises, exclusions and exceptions that make it impossible for them to extend support.

A Congress strategist on Monday indicated the party is not in a hurry to decide. There will be no forward movement at least for a week as Mrs Gandhi has gone to the US.

A section of Congress MPs asked why they should support the GST Bill. “The BJP will get mileage from it … but we are not here to strengthen the BJP,” a senior MP said.


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