Congress ambiguous on GST bill, says decision after discussion

After maintaining so far that nothing short of referring the GST bill to the Standing Committee was agreeable to it, Congress today appeared ambiguous regarding its stand on the issue.

“I cannot give you a definite answer,” party spokesman Rajiv Gowda told reporters at the AICC briefing when asked whether the party wants the bill to be referred to the Standing Committee.

During the conference, he also pointed out that GST bill was an “initiative of the Congress party”.

But, within an hour, he issued a clarification saying the Congress has been a proponent of a common Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime across India.

“However, the party is opposed to the manner and fashion in which the initiation of the GST regime is being pushed through by the BJP without appropriate discussions with all stakeholders and bringing everyone on board.”

“The decision of whether to refer the GST bill to a standing committee or joint select committee will be taken by the party after detailed discussions within the Congress Parliamentary Party and taking into account the broad national consensus on the issue,” he said.

Source : Business Standard

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