Cong will be happy to get GST bill passed: Digvijaya Singh


Congress would be happy to get the GST bill passed in the second half of the Parliament’s budget session commencing on April 25, AICC General Secretary Digvijaya Singh said.

He expressed confidence that the three amendments suggested by his party would be taken into account by the NDA government.

“GST bill, of course, will be passed. Only thing is we have asked them to amend three provisions of the present Act. If they agree…By and large they will agree as it (the suggested amendments) does not affect (the bill) in any way,” he told PTI here.

“So, we will be happy to pass it. Yes, we want GST because its our proposal,” Singh said while pointing to Congress being the original author of the tax reform bill, when asked if his party would cooperate with the government in passing the Bill.

The GST (Goods and Services Act) bill has been passed by the Lok Sabha and is pending ratification by the Upper House, where the ruling NDA does not have a majority.


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