Coalition govt made India strong, majority govt gave note ban and GST: Kapil Sibal


JAIPUR: Congress leader Kapil Sibal on Monday claimed that “coalition government” made India “great and strong”, while a majority government gave people demonetisation and GST.

He said, “1991 (economic) liberalisation, the ‘dream budget’ for the year 1997-98 by Chidambaram, ‘Pokhran -2’ (nuclear tests in 1998), ‘Quadrilateral triangle’ (national highway network) under (Atal Bihari) Vajpayee, the RTI, the Right To Education, Right to Food Act… all was done during a minority govt.”

“What did the majority government give you? It gave you demonetisation, it gave you GST and it gave you all those programmes which are not implemented,” Sibal told a packed audience at the festival.

The Congress leader warned people of the “repercussions” of having a “strong” leader, who, he said, believes in “imposing own ideas”, “capturing power” and “curbing dissent”.

“For those who say that India needs a macho guy, a Davy Crockett or Tarzan sort of leader… well, the problem with such a leader is that he wants to impose on the people his own ideas… also he captures all the power, he captures the CBI, he captures the ED, he captures the media, the tax department and there is no alternative discourse in the country and we have seen that happening,” Sibal said.

“There is no space for anybody else, there is a statue somewhere built and you will only be seen walking around. That is the strong leader in your country. He has captured all the institutions, where is the dissent? Where is the voice of the ordinary man?,” he posed.

To a question on ‘EVM and its authenticity’, Sibal said that he “conceptually has a different view on it”.

“You must know who you voted for and you must also know that the person you voted, for the vote was counted towards him. That can only happen in ballot, not in a machine. This is why the US doesn’t use machine, Europe doesn’t use machines, Japan doesn’t use machine …,” he said.

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