Cheaper Indian phones to lead the smartphones sales in 2016


New Delhi: Demand for cheaper smartphones will see surge like never before in 2016. Entry of Chinese and Indian brands in mobile manufacturing market would continue to dominate sales.

As per the Indian phone maker Micromax, it may be difficult for Chinese companies to enter and flourish if the Goods and Service Tax (GST) is implemented.

The phonemaker says that while the growth of 4G technology is set to grow, the availability of content in various Indian languages will also play a crucial role in digitalising India.

The study reiterates that 3G and 2G tech will continue to coexist.

Micromax has also predicted. that video as content marketing plank will continue to be favoured in 2016,

Internet on mobile phones growth is likely to surge and grow beyond the 150-200 million smartphone users.

Entertainment, travel, healthcare and banking are going to be the key sectors driving mobile-led services, the study added.


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