Centre May Advance Winter Session of Parliament if GST Consensus is Reached


KOLKATA:  Government is willing to advance the winter session of Parliament to pass the GST Bill if a consensus is reached among political parties, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Venkaiah Naidu today said.

“If there is consensus, the government is willing to advance the Winter session of Parliament for the passage of GST Bill,” Mr Naidu told PTI on the sidelines of a workshop on smart cities in Kolkata.

He said the Opposition parties were also against Coal Bill and Mines Bill “but after we engaged them in discussions, they supported both the Bills.”

Referring to the GST Bill, he said it was passed in Lok Sabha but the Bill was stuck in the Rajya Sabha and the Opposition wanted it to be sent to the Select Committee which the government agreed upon.

“Now the job of the Select Committee is over and report submitted to the Rajya Sabha. The Congress is now coming up with illogical reasons,” he said.

Mr Naidu said, “If the Congress still has points, they can raise them in Parliament. This is actually hurting India’s growth. The Bill was originally introduced in Parliament during UPA regime.

“They have the right to oppose in a democracy. They should also allow Parliament to function as well,” Mr Naidu, also the Minister for Urban Development, Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation, said.

Asked how a consensus will be reached, Mr Naidu said, “Myself and Arun Jaitley had talks with seniors Congress leaders like Anand Sharma and others on this matter. After taking to them, it appears there could be consensus among political parties”.

“The Trinamool Congress is supporting us on the GST. But they are opposing the Land Bill as they have some reservations. The Bill has been referred to the Joint Committee of Parliament,” he said.

At the meeting of NITI Aayog with the chief ministers, there was a demand that the land Bill issue be referred to the states.

“The Prime Minister is now examining the issue”, he said.

“If the GST Bill is passed, the government may also help in fast tracking the issue for getting it ratified by state governments,” he said.

Source: http://www.ndtv.com/india-news/centre-may-advance-winter-session-of-parliament-if-gst-consensus-is-reached-1216858

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