CCI slams Drabu over GST row Seeks amicable solution of all pending matters


The Chamber of Commerce and Industries (CCI), Jammu Thusrday slammed State Finance Minister Hasseb A Drabu for not implementing Goods and Services Tax (India)   in Jammu and Kashmir state.

As per press release, the participants at a meeting of CCI, Jammu   held under the chairmanship of   president Rakesh Gupta  condemned the stand of the Finance Minister that J&K shall not adopt the GST regime –   recently passed by the Union Government.

The members said that such statement being issued by the Finance Minister ‘unilaterally speaks of his high headedness’.

Chamber asked Finance Minister not to come out with the excuses of ‘special-status’ but try to understand the problems of the trade and industry and introduce GST as was being implemented in other parts of                              India.

The meeting urged the government ‘to adopt positive track and arrange a meeting with Chamber of Commerce & Industry so that all pending matters are amicably solved before it is too late’.


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