Business bodies burn effigy of those opposing GST Bill


Chitrakoot Sep 7 Our Correspondent
Office-bearers of various trade and vusiness organisations and businessmen burnt effigy to protest against those who are opposing Goods and Services Tax (GST) Bill at Traffic Square Karvi. Senior office-bearers of business organisations said the trade organisations are supporting GST Bill as it is beneficial to business community people and also to the common man.

They said the businessmen had expressed protest against those who are opposing the Bill. They said GST is made to ensure one tax system by abolishing various taxes. After implementation of GST, central excise tax, excise luxury tax, entertainment tax, toll, VAT and other taxes would get abolished. Sheshu Jaiswal and others of the Trade Organisations said at present people pay at lest 30 to 35 per cent tax on purchase of commodities. After GST the tax would reduced to 20 per cent.

They said the bill is passed by the Standing Committee and also get approved by the Lok Sabha but gets stuck in Rajya Sabha. Senior office bearers of the Business Organisations said the GST is a revolutionary step towards proper arrangements.

It the biggest tax reform after independence of the country. They said at present different State government levied tax differently. But after enforcement of GST the taxes would be uniform in entire country. The businessmen demanded early enforcement of GST.

Amongst those participated in the protest were National Organisation Secretary, Shanu Gupta, District President, Shyam Gupta, Youth District Secretary, Ujjawal Gupta, Shobi Siddqui, Rambabau Gupta, Swapnil, Narayan Das Gupta, Rakesh Modanwala, Sunil and others.


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