BSP to support GST with some proposals


Our party will give some suggestions when this bill will come up, says Mayawati.

The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) today assured to support the crucial Goods and Services (GST) Bill in the Monsoon Session of Parliament but with some suggestions.

“Our party will give some suggestions when this bill will come up. Our party will support the bill with some suggestions,” BSP supremo Maywati told the media here.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier today asked all political parties to work cohesively and put forth their arguments in a constructive manner.

He expressed confidence over the consensus built across all parties and hoped that everyone would take the apt decision to ensure that India develops at a rapid pace.

Stating that the nation is set to celebrate its 70th Independence Day this year, the Prime Minister asked all parties to work unitedly keeping the same in mind.

The Monsoon session of Parliament began earlier in the day. A total of 25 bills, including the crucial GST Bill, are expected to come up for consideration and passage during the session.

The session will have 20 working days and will conclude on the 12th of next month.

The government yesterday called an all-party meeting at the Parliament House to seek the support of Opposition parties in the passage of pending legislations during the session.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the political parties to keep national interests above any other consideration.

He sought their support in the passage of the GST Bill, saying it was of national importance. He said it is immaterial which government takes credit for rolling out the GST.

The Prime Minister said all political parties are representative of the people and, therefore, national issues should be kept above everything else.


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