BJP to organise rallies to raise awareness on GST


The Bharatiya Janata Party will organise rallies in villages to create awareness about the Congress’ “disruptive tactics that did not allow the passage of the Goods and Services Tax bill” in Parliament.

“The Congress has evil plans to keep the country backward and poor. We will expose them in these rallies,” Bhagwant Khuba, MP, told presspersons here on Friday.

Rallies will be held across all States. Bidar Parliamentary constituency will have 50 such rallies, according to the MP.

“If GST is implemented, then India’s GDP would have shot up. This would have eradicated poverty. The Congress is afraid that if that happens, it will not have control over the electorate. That is why it is opposing the bill,” he said.

Rallies will be held across all States

Soure : The Hindu

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