A Hand book for GST in India (e-book) – 1st Edition


The content available below, is a downloadable PDF file.

The credit for the content goes to the mentioned Author/s in the download. (File Size : Aprx 6 MB)

This e-book on GST contains:

  •  Analysis of various aspects of GST
  • Steps to be taken for being GST ready
  •  Draft Statutory provisions
  • 122nd Constitutional Amendment Bill
  • Various reports on GST
  •  Key News articles on GST
  •  GST – International Scenario etc

CLICK HERE → E book (1st Edition) on GST  Ι By CA Pritam Mahure

12 Replies to “A Hand book for GST in India (e-book) – 1st Edition”

  1. girish says:

    Pls share the E book

    1. Admin says:

      Dear sir,

      Once you open the news post of e-book, please click on BLUE FONT. The link will take you to google drive, where not only you can see the E-book but also can download it. It takes some time to open as the file is large in size. If not, try to open it from another browser or another desktop. Thanks!

  2. Bhasker Bhatt says:

    What about on going contract with vat, shall continue to operate in next year also.
    What about closing stock to be billed next year

  3. Eknath Deshmukh says:

    Dear Sir,

    You have prepared very nice and useful book on GST. I have attended your many seminars while I was studying in Symbiosis, Pune. I am also from Parbhani too..

  4. Ankit Thakkar says:


    Is the draft law official or it is still unofficial?

    1. Admin says:

      The draft law is an outline of the final law, which shall be formed in future.

    2. CMA NP Viswanathan says:

      What is being circulated as “Draft ” law, is only said to be the base papers for drafting the law. It is not official draft law, which is still expected.

  5. rakesh kumar says:

    Dear Sir

    GST ka Book Hindi me aaya hai

  6. Rajesh Pratap Singh says:

    will publish in Hindi for rural business man

  7. Pooja says:

    Hello sir,
    This is Pooja Raut.Iam software developer.and want to develop GST software.
    I have some queries so please, let me know how can i contact you .

    1. Admin says:

      Hi . I have already replied you in your email. Thanks

  8. CN Tilgulkar says:

    Nice explanation. Which is at both Micro and Macro level.

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