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24 Replies to “GST Guideline – GCCI in Gujarati language only”

  1. KAMLESHS S.VYAS says:

    kindly send the free materials GST for my personal used.

  2. Pankaj Patel says:

    Dear Sir,

    We are all ready generated GST Enrollment in GST Portal in Gujarat but till date we have not attached any document.
    So Please suggest me which is the last date to attached all document in GST Portal

    1. Admin says:

      Every state has a different deadlines. Also there are interim extensions. It is better to do it as soon as possible and submit with the required authority and get your self migrated from provisional enrollment of GST so that things can move ahead. Hope it helps

    2. Anonymous says:

      Please generate All Item’s GST Rate in Gujarati.

  3. hitesh mehta says:

    please send me gst free item list in gujarati

  4. GOR MINESH says:

    please send me gst free item list in gujarati


  5. mustaq gangani says:

    what is the rate of gst in cotton seed oil cake (kapasiya khal)

  6. Ghanshyam PAtel says:

    when the forget mention in car insurance, and insurance done and after 15 days , enter the gst no. in insurance , what is the process

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